Beginers Survival Guide. 101

Welcome to the FIRST and only App. Directed toward teaching how to PLAY the game of Craps.

Cats Playing Craps is brought to you by a Las Vegas Pit Boss with years of experience and over 17,000 hours of “Live Game” time.

EVERYONE who has ever stepped into a casino knows; The Craps table is the loudest , rowdiest, most exciting of ALL table games in the casino. BUT, it looks so complicated!

Ah!!! No more! This App will teach you everything you need to know to get in on that action! From “Buy-In” to “Color-Up!!!!”

Many Apps. available charge you for “Entertainment”. Well, this App. Will allow you to “Entertain” yourself for decades! AND with a little Lady Luck, Walk with some BUCKS!

This is the first, of a series of Apps. Each one building on the prior.

This first App. Called “Beginners Survival Guide. 101” is targeted for the Beginner and the “Pro”. (Pros ALWAYS want more knowledge).

You will learn:

  1. How to pick a table.
  2. Where to Stand
  3. How to “buy in”
  4. Where to put your “checks”.
  5. What's a Check?
  6. How to bet. “Where's MY Money!
  7. When to bet
  8. Betting “The Pass Line”
  9. Taking Odds on your bet
  10. Steak & Eggs!
  11. When to take winnings
  12. What “Press” Means
  13. When to “Press”
  14. Pay Outs for Place Numbers
  15. Best Bets / Worst bets
  16. When to tip (“Toke”) the dealer
  17. Introduction to “Trends”
  18. Introduction to “ Wrong Way betting”
  19. Introduction to “ Money Management”
  20. Last but not least: This was the best $1.99 I ever spent!